Entrevista de Admisión

Entrevista de Admisión








Interactive Checklist

1. I have investigated about the institution and program involved.

Excellent job. Make sure you note down the questions that you wish to ask your interviewer(s).

2. I have reflected on my own strengths, weaknesses and experiences in order to expose the best of me during the interview.

Good. This means that you will focus on mentioning the most possible positive points about yourself.

3. I have practiced and received feedback on mock interviews.

So you will be ready to do your best and reduce the possibility of errors.

4. I have thoroughly gone through a check list of elements that I have to know, revise and do before, during and after the interview takes place.

Having covered all the important aspects about yourself, the school and the situation of the interview itself, will render you success in giving a good picture of yourself to the admissions committee.

5. I revised both friendly and competitive questions to approach each in a good manner.

The questions included in each type of essay establish the guidelines to first build your possible answers and later examine them to edit them in a decisive way.

6. I did research on the questions that I am not supposed to make during the interview.

Excellent! You can now be sure that you will not commit errors that you could have avoided.