Entrevista de Admisión

Entrevista de Admisión





1. If I am asked to attend an interview, does that mean that I am very likely to be chosen as a student?

Not necessarily. Many schools do interviews as part of their protocol and only use the results from this activity as another criterion, among the many.

2. If I am not asked to attend an interview, may I request one?

In most of the schools you may request an interview, even though none will assure you one. If you visit the campus, you will more easily be rendered a requested interview.

3. How important is an interview?

It is a very important tool to show your strengths and abilities; while making yourself “present” to teachers and advisors. It is the best way to let an admissions committee really get to know you.

4. Are there different types of interviews?

Yes, friendly and competitive; the friendly one only serves to check your fit to the school. The competitive, on the contrary, will serve to choose you above other applicants, so you have to really focus on showing your best in original and strong ways.

5. Do I have to use very proper or intellectual language?

Not necessarily. Using proper language with your normal vocabulary is probably the best choice; but, once it starts, the same interview will show you how to approach it.

6. Should I stick to answering what they ask of me?

Please don’t… that is, do answer what the questions require, but please go beyond and make questions to your interviewer(s). They must also know that you are interested in learning more about the institution, the staff and the program.

7. Should I say everything about myself?

It is better if you only emphasize on your abilities, strengths and values, rather than on negative situations or weaknesses. Only talk about weaknesses if you are precisely asked about them, and be very careful when answering so you don’t undermine yourself.

8. What should I wear?

Normally wearing something proper is a good idea. Don’t overdo it, though. If you can contact other students or alumni they could probably guide you more precisely on this issue.